July 13, 2024

Power Over Nature

Power Over Nature
God of the Impossible.
Matthew 8:26‭-‬27 NKJV
But He said to them, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?” Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm. So the men marveled, saying, “Who can this be, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?”

We often say it, but do we really believe that nothing is impossible with God? All we know is this physical-fallen realm that we live in with all the limitations that we have to contend with, and every so often we actually think that God is limited just as we are. Yes, we proclaim that nothing is impossible with God, but when it comes to some things like nature, well, maybe not.
One of the things that the disciples marveled about was that Jesus was able to speak to a storm, it obeyed him. They had seen him heal the sick and cleanse the leapers but calming a storm was a whole new realm for them. The same happened when he walked on water in the middle of a storm.
God is sovereign, and he has power over nature because he created nature.
God enabled Moses to part the Red Sea, and the children of Israel crossed on dry ground. Not only that, by God’s power, Moses performed miracles that defied nature, bringing plagues over Egypt while Israel was not affected.
God enabled Joshua to command the sun to stand still until the mission was complete.
What about Elijah who defied nature by commanding it not to rain until he said so, or when he called fire down from heaven?
What I am simply saying is that God is not limited by nature, he has power over nature.
I saw a movie based on a true story of a farmer in South Africa who planted potatoes in a season of drought because he believed God had directed him to do so. People thought he was crazy, and he had to endure lots of ridicule. Though it did not rain and nothing seemed to come out of the ground, he reaped a harvest just like Isaac who sowed in a year of drought. Faith like potatoes is the name of the movie.
God has power over nature.

What are some natural limitations that are holding you back?

Like Peter, if Jesus called you to walk-on water, would you do it?

Do you truly believe that nothing is impossible with God?

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