I am Rich!

Just like you, I have seasons where I get frustrated and ask God a lot of questions.

Last couple of weeks is a case in point. Let’s be real, life is just too expensive and making ends meet sometimes seems like wishful thinking. So there I was complaining and asking God so many questions.

It is very frustrating when you pray for people and God answers and yet you are going through the same struggles and it seems like God is focused on blessing others through you and yet it seems like He is doing nothing for you.

Yes my friend, I also have such moments.

One time a lady called me in tears because her children could not be allowed in school because of school fees and she did not know what to do because the money was not there. I prayed with her and encouraged her and after we were through I told her “by the way you are not alone, my kids have also been home two days now because I also don’t have money for school fees just like you”

She could not believe what I had just told her and she was wondering how I can have the zeal and strength to pray for others and I have issues I am going through.

Back to my book of lamentations:

I have been asking God so many questions about my calling, about MONEY.

“Kwani God you are not pleased with what I am doing?”

“When David says I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his children begging for bread, was I not part of that scripture?”

“There are people who are really not doing much and yet you have opened doors for them and they are getting so much MONEY they don’t know what to do with it……..what about me?”

Then there are the other people who are in the same line of work like me, they don’t even have a relationship with you and they are messing up people’s lives with their words daily and yet they have so much MONEY……..aaahhhhhh lets not even go there God, what’s the deal?”

“Am I missing something?”


To answer these and many other questions, God took me to Kisumu.

I tell you I am truly blessed and this is why:

I met people from all age groups in Kisumu and what they told me I still cannot believe.

Of all the people I met, this one shocked me the most. I met this elderly lady after the first service and she asked me if I was james okumu. She goes on to tell me that she has come a long way just to see me. She goes on to tell me how she listens to my show daily and how the prayers have changed her life. Now you have to understand that this lady qualifies to be my grandmother. She kept on repeating the words “ yaani this is James Okumu? I cannot believe it!”

After the second service I meet this other lady who tells me I have no idea how much I have blessed her. She goes on to tell me that through my programs she has learned how to pray for herself and her children. She can now wake up early to pray and she is seeing God move on her behalf.

I also met a long lost friend from Thika. She knew me before I got saved and all this while she has been listening to my show not knowing it was me. Her workmate was over the roof when we met. Same words were repeated, “you have no idea what a blessing you are to me my life has been transformed through your prayers!”

I also met another elderly mama and the first words out of her mouth…. “I enjoy your program a lot! I wake up to pray with you daily.” She went on to narrate something that happened to her and how a word I shared on that day really blessed her and encouraged her to rise above her situation.

I also met several young men and they all repeated the same words.

Honestly…I had no idea the show has such a great impact so far away.

The icing on the cake was when I was at the airport on my way back. I meet this gentleman from jet link and he has a big smile on his face.

He shakes my hand and he says “James Okumu, you have no idea what kind of impact your show has in kisumu!” He then turns over to the lady busy doing the ticketing and he tells her “meet James Okumu” The lady gets so excited and then she tells me she does not even go to church but every day 5 am her radio is on hope fm and she is part of the prayer!

I don’t know about you but to me all this was just too overwhelming.

As I am sited in the plane on my way back to Nairobi, that still small voice begins to talk and He says

“ I Know you have struggles that you are going through and Money is sometimes a big issue, if only you could see your bank statement in your heavenly account, you would realize how much you are blessed.”


I may still have bills to pay debts to clear school fees to pay and I would not mind a HUGE pay rise,

But all in all I have PEACE …… I know it has nothing to do with me, and all glory goes back to Christ.

As for me, who says I cannot enjoy the ride?

I am blessed! I am Rich!

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