God is Faithful

Thinking back two years ago at a time like this I had but one cry….. One desire….. One prayer request. That God would open a door for me to go back to do radio ministry. Even if it is a 1 hour show once a week I would be grateful. Having been cut off from my previous place for reasons I have never understood till today my heart was bleeding and I had such a yearning to go back because radio and the media is my arena. That is where I saw abundant fruit in what I was doing. How could God allow this to happen? Was I not working for him? Was I not bearing fruit for His kingdom? Why? Why? Why?
Two years later here I am doing two shows on Radio and a 1 hour show on TV every weekday. 3 shows every weekday…… Boos who would have thought…….Don’t ask me how I manage that because I have no idea only He Knows. Had I known this is where I would be 2 years ago I would not have worried or been anxious. Same applies to you, you have no idea where you will be in two years time. Indeed He is able to do much more than you could ever think or imagine. Keep trusting.

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