Changing Times

Times have really changed.

That hit me this week while I was doing my show. We were discussing what people do in this generation when they date. All this sprang from a newspaper article that said movie theatres were closing down one after another because guys are watching movies at home.

One guy commented that for dating in this generation, ‘you just follow her on twitter and chat with her on face book’……..waaaaat!

Before all this face booking texting and tweeting business, we had snail mail….you had to know where all the post offices were. Those were the days where you would rather have stamps than pocket money when going back to school because without stamps you could not communicate with the outside world.


When I think about the industry I am in, I take my hat off to the radio presenters of yester years.

Today all our music is on computer only a click away so are all our jingles and ads. We have the net where we can do research get the weather and all manner of news. We have text messages and social sites where we communicate with the listener instantly.

Those who came before us had none of these and yet they kept us glued to our radio sets. The music came on LPs and cassette tapes or in huge reels. To make a call  to the studio most of us had to go to the telephone booth. By then the show would probably be over.

No internet no facebook twitter or text messages. It is like flying blind, but they still did it and did it well.


All in all, with all this technology….


twittin facebookin and textin is good, but there just something about getting a hand written letter written on perfumed paper from your loved one.


Home theaters units are cool, but there’s just something about watching that movie on the big screen in a theatre.


Having credit cards and all manner of plastic money and mobile money is cool, but there’s just something about having a bunch of new 1000 ksh notes in your pocket


Play stations, Nintendo’s and x boxes are pretty amazing and breath taking, but there is just something about making toy cars from old biscuit boxes and coat hangers.


Music on mp3 and mp4 format are convenient and wow, but there’s just something about having your favorite song on LP…..besides you cannot pirate an LP.


Automatic cars fully loaded…aircon, music systems, video screens, GPRS..the works is AWESOME!…..but there is just something about driving a shift stick vw beetle on a sunny afternoon.


Mobile phones with touch screens video cameras memory cards wifi Bluetooth the works are simply amazing ………but there’s just something about lining up your coins on those red telephone booths to make that call to………..aiiiiii i don’t think so on that one………….

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