June 17, 2024

We are willing to share our influence with advertisers committed to improving the chaotic lives of Kenyans. Interested in reaching hundreds of thousands of Kenyans each month. Try one of these effective marketing programs:

Old School Banner & Skyscraper Ads:

Interested in plain old visual impact impressions with links back to your site? We can do that. You can advertise your banners on this site as well as our network of sites to your clientèle. Choose between 468, 125, 728 and 300 pix banners to advertise here.

Brought To You By Newsletters:

We can help match you up with site sections and/ or weekly email contect that are suitable for your brand. Your logo, link and text about your company are placed beside the targeted content.

Everyone Pays Attention to FREE

James Okumu holds fan-favorite giveaways on a regular basis. Provide us with your product and we will design a compelling giveaway sure to increase your brand recognition.

Invitation Only Deals & Discounts:

Do you like Mommy Tracked readers so much that you want to give them a discount on your products? We can include a description of your products and your promotion in the Mommy Tracked Invitation Only Deals & Discounts Section.

We Look forward to creating a marketing campaign that will achieve your goals.

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