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Have you have ever been to a maternity hospital and you got the chance to take a peek into the nursery? There you will see babies of all shapes and colors. Now by just looking at the babies,

Can you tell which baby is from which tribe?
Can you tell which baby is saved? 
Can you tell which baby has self esteem issues?
Can you tell which baby will become a pervert?
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“Almost” can be a disappointing word. For the parents of 10 year- old Peter Gosselin, “almost” became a tragic word during a 1979 New England blizzard. Peter, a fourth-grader, loved to play in the snow. When the blizzard struck he was delighted with the prospect of no school and mountains of white stuff. The last time he was seen, Peter was playing atop a snow bank on a nearby street corner. On his way home, Peter almost made it through the eight-foot snow drift in his front yard–but his small, frozen body was found just five feet Continue reading

I Must!


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

McDonald’s brand mission is to be their customer’s favourite place and way to eat.

Coca-Cola’s mission is three fold….to refresh the world…to inspire moments of optimism and happiness…to create value and make a difference.

These 3 companies are among the top brands in the word, they know why they exist.
They understand their “I must”

Luke 4:43
He said to them, “I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also, for I was sent for this purpose.”
Businesses have mission statements that define why they exist and what they do. If you study successful businesses you will find that they clearly understand their mission and the reason of their existence.

Jesus lived a focused life devoid of distractions and side shows because his mission was clear and it guided all that He did. He understood His “I Must!”
What is your “I Must” do you know the reason for your existence? Do you know your mission? How can you conquer if you don’t know your mission?

When you don’t have a purpose then it is easy to quit because there is nothing to drive you. Jesus had so many demands on Him but he did not quit because he was driven by purpose…..I Must! No matter the cost he came to seek and to save that which is lost.

Do you want to revive that fire and zeal? Understand your mission; be able to clearly articulate your “I Must”, the reason for your being, the mission God called you to fulfil. This one thing is for sure, when you fully understand and begin to pursue that, you will have no time for jealousy, side shows and self-pity in your life.


No More Excuses


Everybody has a dream, a picture in their mind of what life could be but very few people actually get to work to make the dream the reality they live in. The majority continue to dream while giving excuses why they have not been able to do anything. It is always someone else’s fault Excuses never got anything accomplished Continue reading

Extravagant Giving


How much money do you make per month? Multiply that by 12 meaning you have a whole year’s salary in your hands. Now go out and buy perfume that is worth the money you have in your hands. Done that? That is some expensive perfume you have in your hands right?. It is the kind that you would want to use very sparingly. Now imagine pouring all that perfume on someone’s feet?
Yes you heard me right, imagine pouring all that expensive perfume worth a years’ salary onto someone’s feet! That must be someone Continue reading